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Wrinkle-resistant cotton keeps these pinstriped dress shirts looking crisp, and a spread collar immediately offers sophisticated style possibilities. Paired with a solid-colored tie donned with a Windsor knot, a spread collar helps offer balance to men with narrow chins or angular faces. Wear it sans tie with a blazer for a business casual look, or simply pair it with jeans for a polished evening ensemble.

Luxton Iron-Free Dress Shirt (JFST-01-073)

$45.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • · Dress shirt with spread collar
    · Wrinkle-resistant fabric doesn't need to be ironed
    · Thin pinstripes offer a classic look
    · Button-up with buttoned cuffs
    · 100% cotton
    · Machine wash cold; hang dry
    · Do not bleach
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